Dec 18, 2016


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Nov 25, 2016


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2016 has been Released Online


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2016 has been Released and Online Pre-Orders are Turned On

Finally, we all get to hear the most awaited news for the set 3 of 2016. But now it cannot be said that "Better late than never". Raj Comics team have started the pre-orders for Set No. 3 of 2016. But the curiosity of the readers eventually led to disappointment. 

Sep 27, 2016


Chirkut makes You Crazy with his Awesome Humor & Jokes

Chirkut ke Crazy Jokes Part-3:

I bet Chirkut will make you die of laughing. Not sure of? Scroll down and read, then decide yourself. And make sure to leave comments, if you're able to after facing the Chirkut.  

Chirkut Ke Crazy Jokes Part-3

Jul 31, 2016


Upcoming Raj Comics

 Last Updated On:  6 Dec, 2016 

Hello Guys, 
Raj Comics set number 3 of 2016 the 'Sarvashakti' set has been released.

Now we all are eagerly awaiting for the next set. 

But I am in doubt, Which one is the Next?

Is it Set 4 of 2016" or "Set 1 of 2017" !!!

The Only thing I know is, the next set is 

"Phoenix" Balcharit-4

Upcoming Raj Comics Sets

Raj comics Set 4 of 2016

The next upcoming set is the Phoenix set i.e, Balcharit-4. Which is expected to release in the starting of 2017. Official release date of the upcoming Set 4 is not announced yet.

Jun 15, 2016


Raj Comics Set 2 of 2016 Pre-Orders have been Started

Raj Comics set 2 of 2016 Pre-Orders

Pre-Orders for Raj Comics Set 2 of 2016 have begun

Finally, the long and impatient wait for the new set 2 of 2016 the "Mout Ka Baazigar Set" is come to an end. Raj Comics Publication have started the pre-orders for set 2 of 2016. Now you can place your order for the new set. Along with the new comics some old and rare comics are also available for pre-orders. You can place your order by visiting Raj comics official website,

May 8, 2016


Chirkut Ke Crazy Jokes in Hindi 2

Chirkut Ke Crazy Jokes Part-2:


Chirkut Funny Jokes

Apr 14, 2016


TMNT 2 Out of the Shadows Official Hindi Trailer n Preview

Dreams of the Comics lovers are becoming true, and now their superheroes are coming one by one on the big screen. The year 2016 is going to be an unforgettable year for the Comics lovers. Overall 7 superhero movies are set to release this year. Of which we have seen 2 movies so far and 5 are yet to be released. Both the released films "Deadpool" and "Batman V Superman" have been extremely successful in both the terms, whether it is money or entertainment. And there is one another movie which is going to join the party and that movie is, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out of the Shadows". 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Cover

Apr 12, 2016


Harry Potter Fans are you ready to catch Fantastic Beasts?

Harry Potter, a movie series that not only touched our hearts, but also became one of the best memories of our lives. Harry Potter movie series has liked and admired by almost every movie lover.
After watching the last movie of the series, it seems that something is left behind, and now what after this? All the fans were missing Harry Potter and its characters. The only question was on everyone's mind, will we ever again in the future see our favorite and beloved characters of the Harry Potter movie?

Cover Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them