Jun 24, 2017


Upcoming Raj Comics

 Last Updated On:  24 June, 2017

Hello Guys, 
Raj Comics set number 1 of 2017 the 'Phoenix' set has been released.

Now all of us have started waiting for the next set. 

Which is "Set 2 of 2017


"Sarvaagman Set"

Apr 19, 2017


Raj Comics Set 1 of 2017 Phoenix Set is Out Now, Get it


Raj Comics Set No 1 of 2017 is Out Now

Finally, the most awaited Raj Comics first set of 2017 has out now. Yup, it took 4 months to release the new set (actually, just 2 new comics). But I think, better late than never.

Raj Comics team has started the pre-orders for Set No. 1 of 2017. But the fans would be disappointed as the set has only two new comics. You can order the new set comics. You can also order the old comics and a few new books along with the new set. To order the comics, simply visit www.rajcomics.com, registrations are free. After registration, you can place your order.

The list of Raj Comics Set 1 of 2017 is as follows (Comics + Books):


  • Phoenix (Dhruva-Balcharit Series) [Special Collector's Edition]
  • Phoenix ((Dhruva-Balcharit Series) [Normal Edition]
  • Doga Ast (Doga Unmoolan Series)
  • Bankelal Digest 24 (Bankelal)

Books and Novels:

  • Insaaf Do [Novel: Surender Mohan Pathak]
  • Chhathi Ungali [Novel: Ved Prakash Sharma]
  • Guru Ghantaal [Novel: Tiger]
  • Mahaan Yoddha Napoleon Bonaparte [M.P. Kamal]
  • Bhaarat ke 108 Sankatamochak Hanumaan Mandir [Banwari Lal Kanchhal]
  • Bhaarat ke 108 Phaladaayak Shaktipeeth [Banwari Lal Kanchhal]
  • Bhaarat ke Dvaadash Phaaladayaak Jyotirling [Banwari Lal Kanchhal]
  • Bharaat ke 108 Phaladaayak Shiv Mandir [Banwari Lal Kanchhal]
  • 51 Romaanchak Kisse Mulla Nasaruddeen ke [Vivek Mohan]
  • Asali Praacheen Vrihad Laal Kitaab Totake evam Upaay [Pandit Shashi Mohan Behl]

Free Gifts with the Pre-order:

On the Purchase of above Rs 550.00:

  • Free Shipping
  • Mask Greeting Card
  • Poster Dhruva-Folded (Long) Size A3
  • Nagraj Poster
  • Super Commando Dhruva Sticker
  • Dhruva Plastic Badge
  • Doga Ast Sketch Card
  • Special Discount Coupon of 15% for the Next Pre-Order

On the Purchase of above Rs 1200.00:

All the orders over than Rs 1200 / - will get a free T-shirt of Doga. Use any of the following coupon code according to the size you want.

  • FR-DOGA-L = Large Size Doga Blue T-Shirt
  • FR-DOGA-XXL = Extra large Size Doga Blue T-Shirt

If you had ordered the previous set, then you had received a "PR8" series special 15% discount coupon. This coupon can be used for the next 5 days.

Shipping Date of Raj Comics Set 1 of 2017:

All the Pre-Orders of Raj Comics Set 1 of 2017, will start shipping from April 24, 2017.

Place your order, and get your comics books as soon as possible. 
Please visit www.rajcomics.com and enjoy your favorite comics.

Dec 18, 2016


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Nov 25, 2016


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2016 has been Released Online


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2016 has been Released and Online Pre-Orders are Turned On

Finally, we all get to hear the most awaited news for the set 3 of 2016. But now it cannot be said that "Better late than never". Raj Comics team have started the pre-orders for Set No. 3 of 2016. But the curiosity of the readers eventually led to disappointment. 

Sep 27, 2016


Chirkut makes You Crazy with his Awesome Humor & Jokes

Chirkut ke Crazy Jokes Part-3:

I bet Chirkut will make you die of laughing. Not sure of? Scroll down and read, then decide yourself. And make sure to leave comments, if you're able to after facing the Chirkut.  

Chirkut Ke Crazy Jokes Part-3

Jun 15, 2016


Raj Comics Set 2 of 2016 Pre-Orders have been Started

Raj Comics set 2 of 2016 Pre-Orders

Pre-Orders for Raj Comics Set 2 of 2016 have begun

Finally, the long and impatient wait for the new set 2 of 2016 the "Mout Ka Baazigar Set" is come to an end. Raj Comics Publication have started the pre-orders for set 2 of 2016. Now you can place your order for the new set. Along with the new comics some old and rare comics are also available for pre-orders. You can place your order by visiting Raj comics official website,

May 8, 2016


Chirkut Ke Crazy Jokes in Hindi 2

Chirkut Ke Crazy Jokes Part-2:


Chirkut Funny Jokes

Apr 14, 2016


TMNT 2 Out of the Shadows Official Hindi Trailer n Preview

Dreams of the Comics lovers are becoming true, and now their superheroes are coming one by one on the big screen. The year 2016 is going to be an unforgettable year for the Comics lovers. Overall 7 superhero movies are set to release this year. Of which we have seen 2 movies so far and 5 are yet to be released. Both the released films "Deadpool" and "Batman V Superman" have been extremely successful in both the terms, whether it is money or entertainment. And there is one another movie which is going to join the party and that movie is, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out of the Shadows". 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Cover