Aug 8, 2014


How to add Smiles in comments


You can use Smiles in comments

Smile Codes:

 :)      :(      :))       :((      =))       =D>
  :D       :P       :-O     :-?     :-SS    :-f       d(      :-*
b-(         h-(       g-)      5-p       y-)        c-)     s-)
d-)      w-)    :-h        :X

:) :( :)) :(( =)) =D> :D :P :-O :-? :-SS :-f d( :-* b-( h-( g-) 5-p y-) c-) s-) d-) w-) :-h :X

What you have to do?

1. Click on "EMOTICONS" under the red box, above the comment box
2. It expands with images and their codes. Copy which one you want.
3. Paste it into the comments box and click publish.

If "Show Emoticons" option did not appears, it means you on a Page instead of a Post. Unfortunately it will not work on Pages.

But you can use the codes its working perfect in pages too.

Copy paste codes in the comment box. when comment published smiles show among with your comment.

 Before Click:

Smile Emoticons 1

After Click: 

Smile Emoticons after click

Show Emoticons


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