Feb 5, 2015


Raj comics Set 1 of 2015

Hello Friends,

Raj Comics Set 1 of 2015 is Released

Narak Nshak Set 2 of 2015

This time new set has been released with 6 comics. 3 new comics + 2 digests + 1 Dvinayak. Nagraj starer Narak Nashak series has completed with the final comics released with this set "Narak Aahuti". And this comics is the main attraction of this set. On the other hand, a new duo series of Dhruva and Steel is just began with "Rajnagar Rakshak".

The Comics List of new set is as follow:

1. Narak Aahuti (Special Collector Editon)
2. Narak Aahuti (Nagraj)
3. Rajnagar Rakshak (Special Collector Editon)
4. Rajnagar Rakshak (Dhruv + Steel)
5. Po Po Pola (Bankelal)
6. Mard Aur Murda (Doga + Anthony)
7. Nagraj Digest 15  
8. Dhruv Digest 10

All the comics are printed on Glossy Art Paper. 

Free Gifts with the Set: 

On the purchase of complete Set Raj Comics offering 10% discount and a free gift of Nagraj Vintage magnet sticker.

Shipping is Free on the order of above Rs.500/- and a A3 size Poster of Nagraj is absolutely free too.

If you would order above Rs.700/- you will get the following free gifts:
  • Super Commando Dhruva Sticker
  • Narak Nashak Nagraj Sketch Card
  • Raj Comics Note-Pad

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