Mar 3, 2015


Direct Download from Google-Drive

I guess many peoples are facing problem to download files from Google-drive.

Here is the solution:

Download Files Direct from Google Drive

How to bypass Google-Drive inbuilt scanner and Download Directly:

When you are on Google drive and its taking long time to start the download.
Just check the address bar (url) and get the document ID.

Shown in the image below:

Google Drice Document ID

The Green part is the Document ID, just copy that ID from url/link.

And use this url: ID

replace "Your ID" With the "Copied ID"


Google drive link which causing problem:

Copy the ID from the link, Which is 


Now use this url/link: ID

Replace "Your ID" With the "Copied ID" 

Now copy the new link and paste it into the address bar and press Enter.
Here is your Download ready.

I hope that I have explained clearly.


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