Aug 23, 2015


Raj Comics Set -4 of 2015


Kshatipoorti Set -4 of 2015

Pre-Orders and Shipping of Set 4 has begun now. Raj Comics release Set 4 of 2015 with 6 Comics. 4 New Comics + 2 Digest (Conjunctive Old Comics). All comic will be printed on Glossy Paper.

Another good news for all those who were missing Green page in the comics these days. Green page is now being restarted by Raj Comics and you'll get to read in the the comic Kshatipurti.
From now Green Page will be published in every comic of Kshatipurti Series. 

Raj Comics Set 4 of 2015 Comics List:

1. Hibernation (Dhruv Insp.Steel) (Rajnagar Rakshak Series)
2. Kshatipurti (Kshatipurti Series Nagraj)
3. Parkaalo ki Dharti  (Multistar) (Aakhiri Series)
4. Doga Bekabu (Doga Unmulan Series)

5. Nagraj Digest -34 (Dvinayak -5) (Avshesh, Chunouti, Hedron)   
6. Dhruv Digest -13 (Circus, Hatyari Rashiyan, Moat Ke Chehre, Commander Natasha)

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