Sep 19, 2015


Raj Comics Set -5 of 2015

Sarvsandhi Set 5 of 2015

Set -5 of 2015 The Sarvsandhi Set: 

Pre-Orders for Set 5 has begun now. Set 5, The Sarvsandhi Set will released with 5 Comics 4 New Comics + 1 Digest (Conjunctive Old Comics). Dvinayak -5 is dropped again from the set. May be released with the next set. The shipping date is 5 October 2015.

Set 5 of 2015 Comics List:

  1. Sarvsandhi: (Sarvnayak Series) (Special Collector's Edition is also available)
  2. Vishputron Ka Aagman: (Sarvnayak Vistaar Series) (Special Collector's Edition is also available)
  3. Brahmaand Yoddha: (Aakhiri Series) (Multistar)
  4. Doga Nayay: (Doga Unmulan Series) (Doga)
  5. Dhruv Digest -14: (Saja-E-Moat, Andhi Moat, Shadhyantra, Mahakaal) (also available separately)
  • Dvinayak -5: (Kharonch+Turupchal) (Parmanu-Tiranga) (Only available separately)

Free gifts on orders of more than Rs 600 are as follows:

  • Free Nagraj 200th Issue Poster
  • Free Super-Kids Stickers
  • Free Doga Notepad
  • Free Sarvsandhi Sketch Card

All orders above Rs 1200 until 22 Sep can get a free T-shirt. After 22 Sep the offer will be on the order of above Rs 1500.

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