Nov 25, 2016


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2016 has been Released Online


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2016 has been Released and Online Pre-Orders are Turned On

Finally, we all get to hear the most awaited news for the set 3 of 2016. But now it cannot be said that "Better late than never". Raj Comics team have started the pre-orders for Set No. 3 of 2016. But the curiosity of the readers eventually led to disappointment. 

There are only 2 new comics have been released with the set 3 of 2016. And these two comics are, "Sharvashakti" and "Nirmoolak Kranti". The release of "Brahmaand Vismaran" was released already in suspense, and now 'Swarnnagri Ki Tabahii' and 'Bodiwala Thaanedaar' have also been out of this set. I guess most of the readers will not be happy of this. The rest of the comics that was supposed to come with this set may be released with the next upcoming set. 

You can order your new set comics on Raj Comics official website. Orders will start shipping on November 30.

The comics list of the set 3 of 2016 is as follow:

New comics:-

  • Sarvashakti (Special Collectors Edition)
  • Sarvashakti (Normal Edition)
  • Nirmoolak Kranti

Old comics:-

  • Bauna Waaman
  • Kaaldhwani
  • Shah Aur Maat
  • Kobi Bhai
  • Ek Mayan Do Talwaren
  • Gangwar
  • Vartmaan
  • Sarvnaash
  • Code Name Comet
  • Rakshak (Yali Dream)

For more information on set 3 of 2016, click on the link below,

Raj Comics Set No 3 of 2016 out now

To place your order, please visit and enjoy your favorite comics.


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hahah i am going to book that now....thanks

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sabhi mitrow ko btana chahunga ki 14 tarik ko hum humari multisatarer comic release kardengay aur umeed hai ki meri aur anand bhai ki mehnat aapsabko passnd aayegi

humm pichlay 2 month se jee todd mehnat karr rhay hai aap sabhi fans k liye plzz visit zaror kariyega