Dec 18, 2016


Bidvertiser Offered Bonus $10 to its Publishers for Free

Bidvertiser free $10 Bonus Offer for Sharing Payment Proof on FB-Twitter

Bidvertiser $10 Bonus:
Share Your Payment Proof on FB/Twitter and Get Paid

Myself +Ajay Kc and I am a Happy πŸ˜€ Bidvertiser Publisher. I am using Bidvertiser Ads on my blog from last 3 years. I am quite satisfied with Bidvertiser. Like me, there are many friends who earn revenue by serving Bidvertiser Ads on their sites or blogs.
There is a good news for all those guys who are using Bidvertiser ads on their Blogs/Websites. I mean good news for Bidvertiser Publishers. Bidvertiser is giving you the opportunity to earn $10 extra. You simply have to share your Bidvertiser Payment Proof on your active Facebook or Twitter profile page. And $ 10 bonus will be credited to your Bidvertiser.

Don’t have a Bidvertiser Publisher Account? 

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Process of Sharing Payment Proof on Facebook/Twitter to Get Extra $10 in Your Bidvertiser Account

All you need to do is:

1. Take a screenshot of the payment that was sent to you by Bidvertiser. (Bidvertiser payment which had been sent to you via PayPal, Payza, Wire, or Check. Don't take the screenshot of your Bidvertiser Publisher Earning Reports).

Screenshot Examples (My Bidvertiser Payment Proof):

Bidvertiser single Payment Proof via Paypal

Bidvertiser multiple Payments Proof via paypal

2. Share this screenshot on your active Facebook or Twitter profile page, with the title "I Got Payment from BidVertiser" or something similar to it.

3. Add the below-given link in the same FB/Twitter post (link to BidVertiser):

4. Publish your Facebook/Twitter post, when you have done the above-mentioned steps. 

5. Now finally log in to your same Bidvertiser publisher account (of which you took a screenshot of the payment). Then open a support ticket to telling Bidvertiser Support Team about your post, in which you have shared your Payment Proof. Add the link of that post there.

Woo... it’s done (:D). Now Bidvertiser Support Team will verify the 'Payment Proof Post' shared by you. After verification, $10 will be added to your next payment of Bidvertiser publisher account.

Limited Period Bidvertiser Promotion Offer:

This offer is for a Limited Period. This Bidvertiser promotion will end on December 31st of 2016. So Hurry up guys, take advantage of this promotional offer.

My $10 Bonus Proof Given By Bidvertiser:

Woo... I got my $10 Promotional Bonus from Bidvertiser. Check the pic below.

I got $10 Promotional Bonus from Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser Publishers don’t miss this opportunity to earn $10 extra. Grab it as soon as possible. Reminding again, the last date of this promotion is Dec 31st of 2016.

If you don’t have a Bidvertiser Publisher Account make a new one it's free:

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